Maps are one of my hobbies.


Real Maps

Sometimes I make actual real and sort of useful maps, but mostly they serve no purpose other than my own personal curiosity.

Cattle Country

What would the 2016 American election results be like if cows could vote?


Japanese Mascots

My favourite totally normal and non-offensive Japanese mascots.


Eggs in the USA

States that make the most eggs. Shown as eggs.

Africa Facts

All the facts about Africa I googled over the course of a month.


205 Canadas

World population measured in units of Canada.


Travel Map

A running list of places I've visited.

Worst Road Trip

A scenic road trip travelling through the most terrible places in America.


Lost Maps

Islands that may or may not have ever existed.


Imaginary Maps

Maps of places I have made up.


Natural and industrial resources of Yelland.


Terror Lake

Driving map of the Terror Lake Valley.

Gates to Hell

Gates to Hell on the North Coast and how they were opened.

Owego Island

2016 Owego Island Elections map.