I'm Haley, an interactive designer, etc. This is where I keep all my non-work stuff.


Here are some facts about me: My hobbies include reading, scuba diving, and tourism. My favourite animal is a seagull. My greatest fear is falling through one of those sidewalk cellar hatches. I'm a typical Aries. My day job is Design Director at Big Human and my night job is international jewel thief.



Amateur Cartography



Sometimes in my spare time I make pretty silly fonts, mostly for free.



Abstract doodles of different places.



A collection of nonsequential photos of places I have visited.



CURRENTLY Based in Brooklyn, New York.

Email me at hello@haleyfiege.com

Alternatively you can put a note in a bottle and throw it in the ocean. It’ll reach me.



My personal record of all the books I read.


@ArseniKarp - a twitter bot that tweets randomly generated conspiracy theories and flat earth content.