Here are all the fonts I've made over the years archived forever just for you. Enjoy, and let me know if you do anything cool with them.

Font rules. Yes, all my fonts (except Soft Serve) are free for personal use. Please email me for commercial use details. No reselling the fonts! 

Need a bio for me? Haley Fiege is a Norlandian web designer with a Mercenary PhD from the University of Winnipeg (2010). She lives in a geodesic dome on Baffin Island with twelve cats and a snake named Boots.

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A lot of people really liked this font I made 10 years ago so I updated it with a complete character set and a thinner weight. I have named them Regular and Normal because the font is slightly wrong, so the naming conventions should be as well.

Designed in 2017


An ode to my favorite meme of 2016.

Designed in 2017


Sniglet is a free font that comes with a full character set so you can type in Icelandic or even French! Some of my favourite places I've seen Sniglet used are a music video by N.E.R.D., a game by Keita Takahashi, the creator of Katamari Damacy and the Spanish Lottery Commission website. Some super cool students even made a light version of it.

Designed in 2008


I honestly couldn't tell you why I designed this font or what for or how it came to be named Parakeet. The only notes about it in my records with the original sketches are a list of roller coaster names, a perfectly preserved Bambu and reminder to file my taxes.

Designed in 2010


I made League Script for my friends at The Moveable Type. This was back before the whole webfonts thing blew up and the only place to find good free fonts was dafont. In college I relied on free fonts a lot and it felt like it was a nice thing to do to design a thin script for them in their early days.

Designed in 2010


Cairo is the remastered version of the Mac OS6 classic font originally designed by Susan Kare. It includes all your favourites, like cow dog, grapes and omelet. While trying to re-live my Kidpix days I was horrified to find that Cairo had been lost when true type became the standard for fonts. I emailed Susan Kare and asked permission to remaster it. She not only gave me her blessing, but sent me a file containing every pixel font she had made for the mac. It was, and still is a highlight of my career.


I designed Rolo Contreras around the time I started getting tattoos and also took up sailing. Pretty self explanitory I think.

Designed in 2010


Teaspoon came out of a custom type piece I did for a Toronto based ad agency. Futura Extra Bold was everywhere at that time and I was extremely sick of looking at it, so did my own cute version. I actually got accused of plagiarising the lowercase i in this font which I thought was pretty funny.

Designed in 2007


Soft Serve was a collaboration with my friend James who runs Sentinal Type Foundry. He had a bunch of ideas and wanted to combine them into a new project. I spent a lot of time thinking about what sort of font someone who owned a pillow factory might like.

Designed in 2008


I made Advice Dog one weekend to use specifically for making memes.

Designed in 2009


Belshaw Donut Robot came about solely because I wanted to make a monospace font. I had been frequenting a cafe in Toronto with a donut making robot and it was just the coolest thing ever so I decided to make a font it might have designed if it was sentient.

Designed in 2007


Patagonia was a project I did in art school. It's not a very good font, but it was my first so holds a special place. It had a slab companion font (too horrible to post) and as a final class assignment I made a book about about an idiot explorer named Renard who travels to Patagonia and makes all sorts of mistakes about the local flora and fauna.

Designed in 2006


That's it!